Castle Dome Middle School

A Message from Our Principal

Welcome to Castle Dome Middle School - Home of the Knights! 

Currently the largest middle school in Yuma County, Castle Dome MS boasts several unique programs and course offerings to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally and academically. Working together, our staff focuses on ensuring a learning environment that allows growth for the whole child. As principal, I am honored to share Castle Dome and its wonderful climate of learning and culture of growth with you.

As you walk through our hallways and classrooms, you will hear deep conversations about science and how research and current trends are changing the way we think and act. Math classes have collaborative, as well as individual, opportunities to learn at your own pace - where struggles are accepted and learned from and advancement meets no limit. Language arts courses develop holistic writing skills in addition to identifying the author's purpose, supporting claims, and comparing multiple literature sources - both fiction and nonfiction. Our social studies classes explore early civilization through WWII over three years while ensuring current events are followed, discussed, and explored as history and causes of historical strife should never repeat themselves. 

In addition to core classes, where we work to raise achievement in reading, writing, and math, as well as develop critical thinking skills, collaborative awareness and abilities and the ability to question for learning while integrating in a very diverse learning environment, Castle Dome offers exceptional electives. Electives are devoted to filling children with the desire to do more, learn more, explore interests, and find success. Electives include, but are not limited to, art, music, physical education, teacher assistant, computers, spanish, family and consumer sciences, industrial technology (wood shop and more), choir and band. Students who thrive in STEM or computer technology can choose electives tied to their explorative passions - working in the genius lab or completing an independent study! AVID electives support students toward their college and career goals, advocating for active learning and engagement in self-outcome. 

Castle Dome is innovative. Using iPads as well as traditional resources, teachers leverage engaging AVID and personalized learning strategies to support the shift from receiving what is taught to actively learning new information and skills. CDMS is full of "tion"! Collaboration, evaluation, gumption, celebration - we are truly action-oriented because we not only believe, but actively show, that every child can and will learn and grow. 

Our motto for 2017-2018 is "No Excuses...No Limits". We look forward to working with the entire CDMS learning community and our partners in learning, (including you!); to make sure that every child moves forward every day. Together we will limit excuses, search for reasons, and find solutions to ensure there are truly no limits placed on the possibilities of a child.

As you view our website and our school, we welcome your feedback on ways to improve the information so that it is helpful to you. Check us out on Twitter @CDMSKnights or Facebook Castle Dome Middle School @cdmsknights.

Welcome to the CDMS Family!


Lori A. Sheffield

Lori A. Sheffield, Principal